About Us

We are a small diversified company based out of Pearland, Texas, near the Houston Metro Area. We specialize in web design, graphic design, computer design and construction, computer tech services, and photography. We believe that every company, no matter how large or small, is entitled to have their own unique web presence. We also believe in affordable rates to help you reach your company's goal of success!

We've got what it takes!

Our owner/operator, Markis Snodgrass, is a talented graphic artist, web designer, photographer, and computer technician. He has had years of experience working as the IT Manager for Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay and owning his own business, Reliant Design Studio.


Markis also attended the Colorado Institute of Art where he majored in Photography. We also have a huge contact list in the design industry. This gives us the ability to accomplish all that you need done without going to another company!

Should you need to contact us for any reason, plrease email us at support@rds1.com.

We Get It Done for You!

At Reliant Design Studio we take pride in our work! Our aim is to make every customer happy with our services.
We advertise through word-of-mouth so it is to our best benefit to make sure we fulfill all your needs. The posibilities are endless with us. We have an extensive contact list and can do just about anything that you need in the design industry.



Web Design...

Our company offers several types of web design possibilities that fulfill the needs of today's companies...

PC Design & Construction

One of our favorite things to do here at Reliant Design Studio is to design and build pc's for any special need that you have...

Computer Tech Services

Are you tired of the high cost of computer repair? Then give us a call! Our computer tech department offers a variety of services...

Graphic Design

Reliant Design Studio can provide you and your company high quality graphic design that sets you apart from your competition...

Photography Services

Our photographer was trained at the
Colorado Institute of Art where he
majored in photography...